My art career started while living in Greece over 20 years ago. Wanting to capture some of the interesting village scenes (and having a little spare time when our two-year-old napped) I took up painting with watercolors. My first shows were in the library at Athens College, the school where my husband was teaching. I was delighted to sell almost half of my paintings of Greece. I painted throughout our three years in Athens, and continued when we returned back to our home in California.

     I usually paint from photographs which I compose in my camera’s viewfinder, and each painting reminds me of a wonderful moment near my home in California, at our greek village, or on other travels. I am also dabbling in plein air- painting, bringing me closer to my subjects, and challenging my skills. Taking up pastels made painting landscapes more fun for me, but I still love the graphic quality of architecture and plants. And, I can never pass up doors, windows and chairs.

    Besides painting, I love to garden and hike, dance and sing. I also do all sorts of arts and crafts, including making lamp-worked glass beads. Often, it’s hard to find time to paint!

    I’ve participated in Santa Cruz County’s Open Studios Tour for over 18 years, and exhibit my paintings primarily in California, in public spaces and at a few outdoor art festivals. If you are in Santa Cruz and would like to arrange a visit to my studio, or would like to know where my next show is, contact me.

Here’s a link to a list of my past exhibits.

Last, but not least.....

Yes, we rent our house in the Peleponese, Greece. Click on the village of Stoupa below for more information.


About Me

Sandra Cherk


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